Veterinary Assistants

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Animal Care Manager Barbara holds a Master of Arts degree in technical writing and research from Central Michigan University . She came to her current career as a veterinary assistant after doing extensive volunteer work at West Suburban Humane Society. Through that experience she found her calling in caring for animals. "In addition to the joy I get from working with animals, I have found that people who take care of dogs and cats all day long are remarkable," Barbara says. "The entire staff here is dedicated to the welfare of the animals, always going the extra mile to do what's best." Barbara is an avid reader and spends as much time as she can with her grandchildren. She and her family adore their two rescue cats, Stormy and Vaughn.


Ted Gadomski, Veterinary Assistant


Veterinary assistant Ted has been part of the West Suburban team since 2006. He grew up in Poland and England. Ted loves working with the caring veterinarians and staff and enjoys greeting all of the patients. During his free time, Ted enjoys swimming, walking, biking and reading. Most of all, he enjoys traveling, which he did a great deal while working as a restaurant designer and equipment sales engineer.