Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology Digital radiology (x-ray) is a valuable diagnostic tool that aids in our treatment of your pet. West Suburban Veterinary Associates, P.C. is the first general practice in the western Chicago suburbs to use this advanced veterinary technology.

Digital x-rays offer many benefits to your pet. Digital x-ray technology is faster and more efficient than traditional film x-rays, resulting in less time on the x-ray table (and less discomfort) for your pet. Digital images are of a higher quality than film x-rays, which results in a more accurate diagnosis. Digital images can be saved to a disc or emailed to veterinary specialists, enabling us to perform immediate referral consultations when necessary. We partner with board-certified radiologists for consultations and can receive the results of a digital x-ray interpretation in as little as 20 minutes.


Ultrasound West Suburban Veterinary Associates, P.C. employs the latest ultrasound technology. Ultrasound uses soundwaves to create a real-time, moving image of your pet's internal organs. Ultrasound is beneficial for conducting pregnancy examinations, looking for signs of heart disease, and determining the location and size of tumors, among other diagnostic procedures.

In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory Your pet deserves only the best veterinary medical care. Our hospital is equipped with a full-service diagnostic laboratory capable of running dozens of laboratory tests from fecal exams to complete blood counts. In an emergency, seconds count, and the trained veterinary technicians that staff our laboratory are capable of quickly and accurately producing your pet's lab results, leading to fast, complete treatment for your pet.

Digital Otoscopy

Otoscopy An otoscope is a small, lighted instrument that allows us to see down into your pet's outer ear canal. Similar to an endoscope, a digital otoscope is equipped with a small camera that transmits images from the ear canal to a video monitor, giving our veterinarians a close-up view of your pet's ear during ear exams, diagnostic procedures and irrigations. Many pets have ear problems and this investment has lead to better diagnosis and treatment of numerous ear diseases.