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Dog owner hopeful in vet's new stem cell therapy

Krissann Moss' 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Mimi, was once an active dog full of energy and vigor always wanting to run around and play.

Lately, though, the dog has been in pain and has a really tough time getting around, Moss said. The dog suffers from arthritis and ligament tears in its legs.

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Once beaten and abandoned, pooch Morty finds second life thanks to Westmont vet clinic

WESTMONT -- Morty wasn't good enough or strong enough.

That's what the criminals running a dog fighting ring thought before the 1 1/2-year-old pooch was found in November by Chicago Police bleeding and abandoned in a parking lot.

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Community Outreach, Awards, And Accolades

Community Outreach, Awards, And Accolades

Top professor reviews procedures at Westmont animal hospital

Westmont, IL - A veterinary office in Westmont received some new ideas for improving medical care for pets during a rare visit from a professor from one of the top schools of veterinary medicine in the country.

ome of those new ideas include how to obtain blood pressure readings on animals more easily during medical procedures, and other minor procedures that can be done to help doctors and animal patients, veterinarians said.

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West Suburban Veterinary Associates, P.C. has been the proud recipient of many awards during our 60 years in the Chicago area suburbs. Among other awards, we received the Village of Westmont Community Improvement Award in March 2006.

In September 2006, we were honored to receive the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Merit Award. Only a small number of veterinary hospitals across the country receive this award each year.